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WeedAway is a non-selective, broad spectrum, and foliar herbicide. This product will only control actively growing emerged green vegetation. There is pre-emergence control of grasses and broad leaf weeds for up to 21 days. It controls both annual and perennial kinds of grass and broadleaf weeds. For best control spray when weeds are small 1/2” to 1” in size. The degree of control is less when plants are mature. The product does NOT translocate. Weed-a-way will affect only those areas or the plant that is coated with the spray solution.

Dilution Rates:

7 ounces / gallon of water for weeds under 2”. 15 ounces / gallon of water for weeds 3” to 6” high. 1 to 1 is best for weeds larger than 6” high.


Complete coverage is essential for control. Leaf damage will be noticeable hours after application. It will take 2-3 weeks to totally knock down the weeds. Cool weather will slow down the activity of the product.